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A self-starting, aggressive, dedicated, roll up your sleeves and get the job done, sales professional. A person of high integrity. Not afraid to put in the hard work and long hours required to achieve your goals. Words that describe you include: confident, motivated, tenacious, high achiever, driven, and persistent. How about honorable, ethical, consistent, straight-forward, principled, and trustworthy?

This is not network marketing, multi-level marketing, Internet marketing, or sharing with your warm market (family and friends). It has nothing to do with real estate "guru" mentoring or chasing the latest Internet "get rich quick by doing nothing" plan. It has nothing to do with credit cards,  cash advances, advertising, or memberships.

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We are looking for experienced Business-to-Business Sales Professionals with the ability to work independently, without supervision who are interested in earning above average incomes in n ever-evolving industry offering above-average incomes that include long term residual commissions. This is a 100% commission (1099) position.
Midwest Debt Advisory Council  is an authorized agent  of Global Check Services, Inc.