90-180 Day Financing with NO CREDIT CHECK
What equipment is needed?
You may have seen similar 90-180 day programs requiring you to buy or lease expensive equipment or switch credit card processors. This is nothing like that. 

We don't do credit cards and this runs right on the Internet. No software to download either.     

Just use your Computer and Fax machine!
Now you can offer 90 day terms to your contractors and get regular payments electronically debited from their account into yours according to pre-authorized agreement. 

Allow your clients to install your products in their customers' homes and businesses knowing your payment will be deposited on time - guaranteed!
Sort of like Layaway - but they get the goods today!
Sort of like post-dated checks - but there are no checks!
                 How Do We Do It?

We make it easy for your customers to get financing for the goods and services they need. MDAC is an authorized sales agent for the ArcNet 90 No Credit Check Payment Plan that converts your customers' checks into electronic debits for up to 90 days. You can accept post-dated checks from the customer or go "Check-Free" with new Digital ArcNet 90 (Arcnet D 90). 
Doctors and Dentists can use ArcNet 90  for any medical treatment including: Dentistry, Vision, Chiropractor, Cosmetic, Veterinary and more!

Any Retailer or Service Organization can offer this program. If your customer cannot qualify for conventional financing or credit cards, you no longer have to lose out on that business.
Almost everyone is approved because, again, there is No Credit Check at all

This program can be used for retail customer or business-to-business transactions. As long as the end-user can provide legal ID, proof of gross monthly income of at least double the amount financed (90 day) or equalling the amount financed (180 day), and has a valid checking account, their payments can be debited over time - from 90 to 180 days - through authorization secured by a one page document presented to the customer's bank.

Once approved and the Agreement signed by the customer, your payments are guaranteed to be deposited into your account 24 to 72 hours from the payment due dates.
Increase your business while increasing your profit margins!
A Better Solution for your Hard-to-Finance Customers

This is NOT a loan with compounding Interest. Each transaction will be charged a one-time fee of $35.00 and 7.5% guarantee fee. You can pass these costs on to the customer or absorb them and offer true ZERO INTEREST financing. Whatever works for you.. 
Enter the sale on our secure webform and get approval within a minute. Print the agreement for your customer to sign and fax the documents in. That's all there is to it! Their payment will be electronically deposited in your account like clockwork over 90-180 days.
Midwest Debt Advisory Council  is an authorized agent  of Global Check Services, Inc.
Contact Jon Germain at 651-235-0232 or MDAC90@live.com